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Player Expectation

  1. Consistently meet all eligibility requirements established by the school and the NJSIAA.

  2. Players are responsible for the care, maintenance and return of all equipment and uniforms. Remunerations will be required for misused and unreturned items.

  3. Players are expected to display proper behavior before, during, and after practices and games. Players are subject to NJSIAA mandated suspensions from contests as a result of penalties for unsportsmanlike behavior, and may be subjected to additional school and team consequences.

  4. Team members are required to ride on school provided transportation when traveling to and from contests. Exceptions can be granted by following the travel release procedures.

  5.  Players must be in school in order to participate in a school sponsored event or practice.

  6. A Player who misses a practice for reasons not approved or accepted by his/her coach may be denied permission from participation in the next athletic contest.

  7. All sports related injuries must be reported immediately to the athletic trainer or, in case the trainer is not present, the appropriate level or position coach.

  8. An injured Player who is under a physicians care must provide a written release from the physician before the Player is allowed to participate.

  9. Players are expected to adhere to all rules and regulations established by the Hamilton Township Board of Education and the Steinert Football coaching staff.

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